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Marine Spatial Plan

Marine Spatial Plan - 2010

The Firth of Clyde Marine Spatial Plan was developed over a period of 3 years and published in 2010 under the auspices of the SSMEI (Scottish Sustainable Marine Environment Initiative). The Clyde was selected as one of five areas to develop and evaluate approaches to the sustainable management of Scotland’s marine resources.

The Firth of Clyde Marine Spatial Plan, the Strategic Environmental Assessment and other final reports can be downloaded by following these links:

 Firth of Clyde Marine Spatial Plan (48MB please allow time to download)

 Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Non-Technical Summary (42MB)

 Appropriate Assessment (<1MB)

 Consultation Report (<1MB)

 Lessons Learned (<1MB)

 Action Plan (<1MB)

Background Documents

There are a number of supporting documents. You can download these documents below:

Report Name Description Links to download
Ecosystem Approach
- Applied to the FoCMSP
The Firth of Clyde Marine Spatial Plan has adopted the eco-system approach to sustainable development. This paper outlines the key elements of the eco-system approach and describes how it has been applied to the development of the plan. Download Report
How can the Ecosystem Approach be applied to Scottish (Regional) Marine Planning? A summary of key findings from an MSc project into the Ecosystem Approach including a proposed integrated framework to guide regional planners. Download Report
Landscape/Seascape Assessment: Firth of Clyde This report provides a brief landscape visual assessment of the Firth of Clyde. It identifies strategic landscape/seascape zones within the Clyde. Download Report
Review of biodiversity for Marine Spatial Planning within the Firth of Clyde This report brings together the existing marine biodiversity knowledge on the Firth of Clyde and identifies areas of biodiversity interest and gaps in current knowledge. Download Report
Sectoral Interactions in the Firth of Clyde This report describes the interactions among key sectors utilising the marine environment of the Firth of Clyde and includes an interactions matrix of activities. Download Report

Download Matrix
Socio-economic Review The socio-economic Review presents a range of socio-economic analysis of the Firth of Clyde including: a high level socio-economic overview; a detailed review of the key marine related sector; and a review of the key coastal settlements. Download Report
State of the Clyde Report This is a summary of existing environmental information. It describes the current status and where known, trends in status of some specific environmental components of the Firth. Download Report 
The process of Developing a Seabed Habitat Map for the Firth of Clyde This report describes the process involved in developing a seabed habitat map for the Firth of Clyde. Download Report 
Sectoral Workshop Reports There are reports available on the outcomes of each of the sectoral workshops held for: Conservation and Biodiversity; Fishing; Mariculture; Recreation and Tourism; Shipping and Transport. these identify the key drivers and establish the strategic position in these sectors. Conservation & Biodiversity



Recreation & Tourism

Shipping & Transport