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Marine Spatial Planning

Marine Planning in the Clyde

Marine planning (also known as marine spatial planning) involves all users and stakeholders of the marine and coastal zone in managing marine resources. This includes the public and different interests such as shipping, fisheries, aquaculture, defence, transport, conservation, recreation and government. The marine planning process brings all these groups and interests together with the aim of creating policies and plans which meeting the economic, ecological and social outcomes desired for the area. Marine planning has been seen to be an effective tool for reducing conflict between users and creating a balance between competing demands.

Clyde SSMEI - 2010

The Firth of Clyde Marine Spatial Plan was developed over a period of 3 years and published in 2010 under the auspices of the SSMEI (Scottish Sustainable Marine Environment Initiative). The Clyde was selected as one of five areas to develop and evaluate approaches to the sustainable management of Scotland’s marine resources.

The Firth of Clyde Marine Spatial Plan, the Strategic Environmental Assessment and other final reports can be downloaded by following these links:

 Firth of Clyde Marine Spatial Plan (48MB please allow time to download)

 Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Non-Technical Summary (42MB)

 Appropriate Assessment (<1MB)

 Consultation Report (<1MB)

 Lessons Learned (<1MB)

 Action Plan (<1MB)


Clyde Marine Planning Partnership – 2016

Since 2010 when the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 came into force, much has happened in Scotland to develop marine planning. The Act aims to safeguard the future of Scotland’s seas. It introduces a duty to protect and enhance the marine environment while including measures to boost economic investment and growth in different sectors. The Scottish National Marine Plan (2014) established a single framework for managing inshore (out to 12 nautical miles) and offshore waters (12 to 200 nautical miles) and sets out an overarching structure for marine activity.

11 Scottish Marine Regions (SMRs) have also been identified, of which Clyde and Shetland Isles have been chosen as the first to begin statutory marine planning.

The role of the marine planning partnerships, through the creation of a regional marine plan, will include:

- Assessing the condition of the region

- Summarising the significant pressures and consequences of human activity

- Setting economic, social, marine ecosystem and climate change policies to address these pressures

- Keeping under review the characteristics of the region: the purposes of its use, the communication energy and transport systems and the living resources it supports

On 10th February 2016 Core Group members of the Firth of Clyde Forum met to sign the constitution of the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership, marking the establishment of this body. Please see the attachment below to read the constitution.

Marine Scotland have proposed to nominate the CMPP as the delegate for taking forward regional marine planning in the Clyde. A public notice on this and the draft Direction (also attached below) was published in the Herald on Friday 12th February for comments until the 10th March 2016. This is now closed for comments.  

Organisations or individuals wishing to apply for membership should apply in writing via email or letter to the CMPP Chair Isabel Glasgow stating why they wish to join the Partnership and provide any evidence in support of the application. Any applications received will be discussed at the next quarterly CMPP meeting and should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of any meeting. Applications should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or CMPP, Caspian House, Mariner Court, Clydebank Business Park, Clydebank, G81 2NR.

The next CMPP meeting will be held in September 2016, date TBC. Please submit your applications for consideration at this meeting by August 2016, date TBC. For more information please refer to Clauses 9-11 of the CMPP constitution available to view here, or email your query to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The CMPP staff are currently working on developing a new CMPP website. Please check back here for any updates in the meantime. Please send any questions or comments to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Currently, work is progressing on the assessment of the condition of the region. This will identify significant pressures and main issues to be dealt with in the marine plan. For updates on the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership, please sign up to the mailing list on the left hand side of this page- http://www.clydeforum.com/

Click to open the documents:

 Marine (Scotland) Act 2010

CMPP constitution and membership - Signed 10th February 2016 

CMPP constitution and membership - Additional signature from RYA February 2016

CMPP constitution and membership - Additional signature from South Ayrshire Council February 2016

CMPP constitution and membership - Additional signature from Scottish Canals March 2016

CMPP constitution and membership - Additional signature from Argyll and Bute Council May 2016

CMPP constitution and membership - Additional signature from RSPB June 2016

CMPP constitution and membership - Additional signature from Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park June 2016

CMPP Draft Ministerial Direction

Clyde Public Notice - The Herald 12 February 2016




Background Documents

There are a number of supporting documents. You can download these documents below:

Report Name Description Links to download
Ecosystem Approach
- Applied to the FoCMSP
The Firth of Clyde Marine Spatial Plan has adopted the eco-system approach to sustainable development. This paper outlines the key elements of the eco-system approach and describes how it has been applied to the development of the plan. Download Report
How can the Ecosystem Approach be applied to Scottish (Regional) Marine Planning? A summary of key findings from an MSc project into the Ecosystem Approach including a proposed integrated framework to guide regional planners. Download Report
Landscape/Seascape Assessment: Firth of Clyde This report provides a brief landscape visual assessment of the Firth of Clyde. It identifies strategic landscape/seascape zones within the Clyde. Download Report
Review of biodiversity for Marine Spatial Planning within the Firth of Clyde This report brings together the existing marine biodiversity knowledge on the Firth of Clyde and identifies areas of biodiversity interest and gaps in current knowledge. Download Report
Sectoral Interactions in the Firth of Clyde This report describes the interactions among key sectors utilising the marine environment of the Firth of Clyde and includes an interactions matrix of activities. Download Report

Download Matrix
Socio-economic Review The socio-economic Review presents a range of socio-economic analysis of the Firth of Clyde including: a high level socio-economic overview; a detailed review of the key marine related sector; and a review of the key coastal settlements. Download Report
State of the Clyde Report This is a summary of existing environmental information. It describes the current status and where known, trends in status of some specific environmental components of the Firth. Download Report 
The process of Developing a Seabed Habitat Map for the Firth of Clyde This report describes the process involved in developing a seabed habitat map for the Firth of Clyde. Download Report 
Sectoral Workshop Reports There are reports available on the outcomes of each of the sectoral workshops held for: Conservation and Biodiversity; Fishing; Mariculture; Recreation and Tourism; Shipping and Transport. these identify the key drivers and establish the strategic position in these sectors. Conservation & Biodiversity



Recreation & Tourism

Shipping & Transport