Dangers Of Cannabis And Driving Among The Youths


Cannabis is a drug that affects the body and mind of the user. Some drivers, especially the youths, use this drug even when on roads. Globally, drugged driving has been a significant issue which needs to be addressed. The deaths as a result of drugged driving have increased recently. Some drivers below the age of 30 years who have caused accidents have tested positive for cannabis. Recent studies have shown that drivers who have had severe injuries due to accidents tested positive cannabis results. Despite all these, some states have legalized the use of cannabis. This might make the situation worse as youths can now access the drug more easily. This presents many problems as there are perceived dangers of cannabis and driving among the youths. Below, this article will articulate the reasons why it is dangerous to drive under the influence of cannabis  from Shiva Buzz’s online dispensary.

Impairment of motor skills

Some drugs and alcohol have been known to impair the motor skills making a person not fit to drive. Impaired drivers, due to the use of drugs, have caused many road accidents, which is rising at a worrying rate. Awareness campaigns have focused more on the effects of alcohol on driving and not on cannabis. Dangers of cannabis and driving are crucial issues that need to be discussed in order to curb the road carnage.

It has been found in recent studies that the use of cannabis  is common among young people. The youths are the most people who have been involved in road accidents. Worryingly, these groups of people have been reported to be the significant users of cannabis through marijuana and prescription drugs. Supply of these drugs has increased due to legalization and social acceptance of its use. People are getting concerned that the availability of cannabis will worsen the situation on roads. Mushrooms should especially not be taken while driving, such as those from https://shroomhub.ca/

The effect of cannabis use on the brain causes reduced coordination, decrease response time, and compromise judgment in terms of time and distance. This has led to increased road fatal accidents. Since the use of cannabis is associated with alcohol, the mixture of the two can be dangerous when it comes to driving.


The leading cause of deaths on roads in America is vehicle driving. This affects people below the age of 30 years. Different states in America are increasingly concerned about drugged driving. Legalization of cannabis is even making it hard to prosecute people who cause accidents as a result of drugged trafficking. There is a need to change the laws on the use of cannabis while driving to curb on road carnage. Test of blood for cannabis presence after an accident may not be enough, as this will only contribute to the present statistics. There is a need to use the statistics proactively to prevent drugged driving. The dangers of cannabis and driving among the youths should be the debate across the globe.