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THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a psychoactive compound that can cause depression in the nervous system and produce a high link to smoking marijuana. CBD (cannabidiol) refers to a chemical substance derived from marijuana. It is a compound that occurs naturally and is utilized in products such as edibles and oils to enhance calm and relaxation. CBD is different from THC because it lacks psychoactive effects.
Consumption of both THC and CBD has become rampant. People take them because of particular reasons, most so for health benefits. Nevertheless, consuming THC and CBD also has various side effects. CBD can be purchased in states where marijuana has been legalized for medical or recreational purposes. This article has discussed THC vs. CBD effects, and they are as follows:
The effects of treating medical conditions using THC are the same as that of CBD. People usually take CBD to assist them in the treatment of the following conditions; inflammation, seizures, mental disorders or psychosis, inflammatory bowel, depression, and migraines. THC is potentially used in treating the following conditions; low appetite, glaucoma, insomnia, and muscle spasticity. All of them are used in treating; anxiety, pain, and nausea.
With all the above health benefits, THC and CBD also have side effects. The side effects of CBD are not yet known. WHO (World Health Organization) deduced that CBD is secure in large amounts and can only have side effects when it interacts with some drugs an individual may be consuming. The side effects of CBD are; dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea, weight loss, and appetite changes.
A person taking THC may experience a few side effects. They are red eyes, memory loss, dry mouth, coordination problems, slow response times, and feeling like being high. Besides getting high, teenagers may experience adverse psychiatric effects, and this is because the brains of teenagers are still in development.
According to various research online dispensary canada, extensive or regular THC doses may increase the possibility of contracting schizophrenia in specific individuals having a predisposition for the disease. THC and CBD have no potential crucial side effects, and neither discussed can lead to death when consumed appropriately. Moreover, individuals using THC occasionally have reduced the risk of being addicted to it in the future.
This is the right guide for anyone seeking knowledge of THC and CBD effects. THC vs. CBD effects discussed in this article is factual, so do not doubt them. This will be beneficial to teenagers, especially beginners who plan to consume THC and CBD correctly, as they will have already familiarized themselves with their health and side effects. They should be warned of the consequences of taking substances excessively.