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For those who may wonder what magic mushrooms or shrooms are, these are mushrooms that contain high levels of psilocybin which is very hallucinating. For this reason, magic mushrooms have drug effects, and thus they have been illegalized in most countries like Canada. It is hard to get magic mushrooms since carrying or selling them is illegal. 

As a magic mushroom lover, you may want to know how can access them, and I will discuss tips on buying magic mushrooms in Canada. These tips will help you understand how to safely access them without getting yourself arrested or purchasing the wrong mushrooms.

Opt to buy your magic mushrooms online

The internet has become the best marketplace to acquire most products and is the best place to purchase your magic mushrooms. The set policies for internet use make it hard for someone to track you down, making the internet the best place for selling and buying magic mushrooms in Canada. “HeySero” is short for Serotonin – a chemical released in the brain most commonly known for impacting mood, cognition, reward centers, learning, and memory.

You can contact sellers and make your orders which can even be shipped to your country if you are not a resident.

It being one of the best tips on buying magic mushrooms in Canada, it is essential to remember that they are illegal, and you should be extra careful while making an online purchase.

Buy lab-tested magic mushrooms.

Since magic mushrooms are naturally occurring and can be found in most places, it is essential to know that other mushrooms resemble magic mushrooms and are very poisonous. If you take them, you may get very sick or even die. 

Many online sellers may lie to you about their shrooms being lab-tested, and you may buy untested shrooms, which may be dangerous if you take them. You need to check very carefully with the dealer before purchasing their products. You may need to read their site reviews and check on the ratings to know the legitimacy of that dealer. 

Buy from reputed dealers.

Go for online dealers with many positive reviews and high website ratings. You may get conned by fake dealers or buy fake magic mushrooms if you are not careful while purchasing. Review dealers’ reviews and discuss how you can get your product. 

Buy from trusted dispensaries. 

When buying magic mushrooms locally, it’s good to buy from a trusted dealer. It is dangerous to get in touch with a dealer that can be untrustworthy, who may sell you fake and untested products that may be dangerous to you. It is also essential to order your magic mushrooms and have them delivered to you to avoid being arrested.


Following these tips on buying magic mushrooms in Canada is essential, and it will help one assess vital factors before buying the shrooms.


There are a ton of mushroom species, many have almost the same traits. Some are edible, toxic, or poisonous. 

Mushrooms are also known as toadstools are fungal plants that usually grow from logs or damp pastures. Magic mushrooms are also known as shrooms, golden tops, liberty caps among others. Magic mushrooms have a history of being associated with spiritual experiences and self-discovery. Many term it as a sacred herb that enables a person to attain a superior divine state. 

Shrooms are often made ready by drying. They are usually consumed by mixing with food, brewed with tea, or mixed with tobacco. Magic mushrooms contain a hallucinogenic substance known as psilocybin People who ingest it are always sorting it out for a peaceful high. This substance may cause a person to hear, feel or see things that are not real. 

Psilocybin has a high potential misuse, therefore classified as a drug. After ingestion, the mushroom takes up to 40 minutes to start taking effect. The effects which include: paranoia, panic, lack of co-ordinations, nausea, vomiting, and others can last up to 6 hours. 

The effect of shroom is influenced by the dosage, age, weight, environment, and emotional state of a person. Continued use of mushrooms carries a risk of causing mental and emotional issues. The most common types of magic mushrooms are; 

Psilocybe Semilantceata 

Also known as liberty cap. They are small brown or light yellow with a pointed cap. The caps are spear-shaped and unlike the other shrooms, the shape holds. They are universal as they are usually found in damp pastures and. They are small and they tend to look like grass and they have a flour taste. 

Psilocybe Cubensis 

Also known as the Mexican mushroom. As far as shroom goes, it is on the large side and most common. It has a yellowish or white stem with a brown cap. Found in moist areas, on the dung of grazing animals like cows and horses. The levels of hydration influence the color of the shroom. It usually turns blue when crushed. 

Psilocybe Cyanescens 

Also known as a bottle cap or blue cap. Has a brownish or yellowish stem and a dark brown cap. They are very popular due to their strengths however, they need decaying wood to grow, therefore Found in fields with rotting logs or mulch garden beds and on heaps of debris. 

Psilocybe Azurescens 

Its existence was discovered not long ago. It is sparse and most influential of all. Brown in color and turns blue when crushed. The cap is convex-shaped. The cap flattens with maturity like every other shroom. They are said to have a very bitter taste. 

Magic mushrooms are like any other mushroom with long lean stems. Although shrooms are recognized as drugs, they have no acknowledged medical use medical the consumption of magic mushrooms is illegal in many nations, many people are using them and some are going to an extent of planting them. These shrooms once used in high doses can cause temporary paralysis weed online by Phantom 

Magic Mushrooms – Facts and Information

The scientific name for magic mushrooms is psilocin, which is derived from the Greek words meaning “love” mind.” Psilocin mushrooms, also known as mushrooms or magic mushrooms, are an informal, polyphyletic group of fungi that contain psilocin and pyrrolidine. Several biological genera containing psilocin mushrooms are Copelandia, Gymnopilus, Inocybe, Pholiotina, Panaeolus and Psilocinella. Among them, mushrooms possessing psilocin are panaeolus and panaeolum. 

Magic mushrooms are used in the United States as an appetite suppressant; but unlike many other appetite suppressants, they do not cause excessive weight gain. They are commonly used to treat anorexia nervosa, alcoholism, and depression. Although they do increase the body’s metabolism, their side effects are so mild that some medical professionals regard them a safe treatment for depression and anxiety disorders. 

Magic mushrooms also have the ability to improve sleep and induce dreaming. It is also known to relieve pain, anxiety, headaches, depression, and anxiety. One of the most common ways they are taken is through ingestion in pill form. However, some people use them in eating or drinking them, such as with a cup of tea. 

Magic mushrooms can be found anywhere mushrooms are found, in-ground, fresh, or preserved forms. When preparing them, they are mixed with various liquids and left to boil. After boiling for about an hour, they are then drained and dried. Some recipes combine the mushroom powder with sugar and water, while others combine sugar with lemon juice. 

Psilochromenes are one of the chemical substances found in magic mushrooms. These psilochromenes can be found in a variety of mushrooms and are believed to play a role in the development of psilocin, the primary active ingredient in magic mushrooms. A study of psilochromenes conducted in the early 1990s showed that the substance appeared to be highly effective in preventing the growth of breast cancer cells. However, this research was later proved to be inconclusive. 

Psilinpinchroine and paucalin p.m., which are the main p.m., have been shown to be useful in the treatment of bladder and kidney cancer. Psilocybine p.m., a type of p.m. which is derived from mushroom cultures, has also shown some promise in reducing the production of the pro-inflammatory cytokines TNF alpha and IL-6. 

P.M. has been shown to prevent the occurrence of cancer in the prostate, colon, and leukemia. Psilocybine p.m. has also been shown to inhibit the formation of kidney tumors and to decrease the risk of leukemia. Psilocin p.m. does not show any sign of toxicity and has no side effects when taken in supplement form. 

Magic mushrooms are commonly found in mushrooms harvested in different parts of Asia, particularly in Thailand. P.M. is harvested from only certain mushrooms grown in that country, and the best mushroom that is grown in Thailand is called Psilocybe. 

P.M. mushrooms are harvested before they are fully ripened and are allowed to dry. Once these mushrooms are dried, they are sent to the laboratories for processing. 

Magic mushrooms online :-

Magic Mushrooms: How to Buy Online, Locally and Abroad

On most occasions, buying a product online or through the internet can be awful. The trickiest bit of it is that you deal with sellers who could be all strange to you. You can’t trust all of them, and similarly, some of them won’t be willing to engage with you in such businesses due to the obvious reasons, the key being that some of them involve very delicate payment modes. Magic mushrooms can be bought online, but here are some of the tips you need to have when you choose to engage in such a business organic mushrooms

  1. Look for Retailers Who Can Ship them to You 

Some retailers can readily and willingly bring the items at your disposal. Some even have online shops situated in various countries or cities to broaden their shipping reachability. Magic mushrooms are, however, delicate and highly perishable. Therefore, you must be sure that the retailer you are dealing with offers the shipping services with total assurance that they will arrive safe and sound. 

  1. If Buying From Abroad, Have a Friend Shop to Deal with Regularly 

You could be having a problem with your payment mode or credit card, yet, you urgently need the shrooms. If you have a friend in the foreign country of purchase, you can always make arrangements on how the goods shall be delivered and the payment mode to be used in paying for the items. If you do not have s friend in the country, here comes another lucrative option: 

  1. Use of Traveler – Matching Methods 

Some shipping companies have become so creative and innovative that they use travelers to deliver goods to shoppers from all over the globe, just at a small fee. After purchase, your mushrooms can be delivered to you through such people. It is simple; you need to create an active account with them, containing your name, email address and telephone number. The shipping company will share these details with the travelers to deliver these goods to you, right at your door-step. 

  1. Create a Unique Shipping Address for the Particular Country  

Countries like the United States offer addresses to shoppers to help track their goods from the time of dispatch to the time of delivery. It begins by you coming up with an account on the shipping company’s portal or website. You will be served with a US address to which your shrooms will be delivered. You can then pay delivery charges, depending on how fast you need the goods to reach you. 

  1. In Case of Geo-Restrictions, Access your Retailers Abroad Using Proxies 

Some sellers of the psilocybin product have restricted their online markets so that you cannot shop when not within their respective countries or cities. However, there is a secret way to overcome this. You can use proxies and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to acquire the goods as if you are residing within the country. You will have all the provisions and structures to efficiently make your payments and have your mushrooms delivered at your convenience. 


There is absolutely no apparent reason to stop acquiring these vital medicinal products just because they are not locally available. You can quickly get them online through platforms like VPN or any other method highlighted above, within a short time and at very affordable prices.