How Rules Affect Cannabis Delivery In California

Most states in the US have legalized marijuana use. This milestone has been achieved after many years of regarding marijuana as an illegal and satanic drug. In recent times research has revealed that marijuana can be used by people with certain chronic conditions which come with a lot of pains. Most of the states in the US have approved marijuana to be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. California legalized marijuana use in 1996 allowing adults to use for recreational purposes. In spite of this legal breakthrough, the legal from marijuana stores started in 2018. It is estimated that marijuana business will contribute about $7 billion to the economy of California and will be one of the economic movers. In spite of these positive steps, new rules and regulations have been created to govern the marijuana field. The rules touch on cultivation and sale of marijuana. This article will evaluate how various rules and regulations affect delivery of marijuana in California.

According to some stakeholders, the rules are unfair to them and are only meant to favour large scale farmers who have big financial muscles. The rules have been jointly created by Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Cannabis Control, Department of Food and Agriculture and Department of Health. These rules are as follows:

  • No marijuana near schools-according to the regulations, the drugs are not supposed to be sold within a distance of 600 feet of a school or an institution dealing with the youth. The rule is based on the study that was done and found that the youth who start taking marijuana during teenage period are prone to mental disorders later on in life.
  • Controlling amount of THC-THC is one of the components of cannabis which affects the mind upon taking marijuana. This compound has negative impact on the brain as it hinders memory, level of concentration and movement. The new rules in California states that each package of pre-rolled joints marijuana should not exceed 10 milligrams of THC. Additionally, sellers are not allowed to mix liquor, fish and caffeine.
  • Advertising regulations– the law states that only those businesses that buy weed online above 71% adult consumers should advertise their cannabis products. The law prohibits the usage of certain strategies like cartoons to entice the young people to cannabis.
  • Blanket ban on delivery of cannabis to public addresses-the rules specify that pot cannot be delivered through such means as planes, drone, rail, and unmanned vehicles. Additionally, the rules prohibit the delivery of marijuana to public places like malls.
  • Special festival require licenses– if you have an occasion that you wish to have cannabis usage, you are required to apply for a permit.