List of Cannabis Competitions Criteria

Enjoying your cannabis is pretty straight forward, but evaluating and judging it officially can seem complicated. In reality, it is not that difficult ganja from Green Society This article looks into the criteria you can look at to be a top judge at the List of Cannabis Competitions.


What qualifies one to be a Cannabis connoisseur? Is it an individual who can distinguish “top shelf’ cannabis from “mids”? And if that is the case, what distinguishes top-shelf apart and makes it be given that elevated position?

With so many cannabis competitions in different continents such as Australia, Canada and the USA where Cannabis use is legalized your skills might be needed. The taste may be subjective, but it is absolutely possible to fairly review the quality of a cannabis product. It may require an attention to detail, extra effort and the correct mindset.

Judging cannabis is more than just spotting characteristics exclusive to a particular sample. It is all about fusing the many different characteristics of a sample into a unified estimation. A judge has to have a more exact mind where the qualitative value of those properties is concerned.

We will consider different criteria that will be used in the judging process. You will then assess each of the criteria individually for the reason of a thorough assessment or apply a number, such as 1-5, for formal judging. Once you are through with your assessment, tally the score for each criterion to deduce your final score. The criteria we will look at are as follows:-


Cannabis should fascinate all the sense, and the nose is a major determinant of a robust flavor profile. To effectively analyze aroma, you should evaluate each product and flower for its “jar volume” (how odorous it is when the package is opened), the complexity of the aroma and its “grind volume” (the level of aroma produced once you begin to break the product down).


You need to see how eye-catching the product presented is. “Bag appeal” has always been a significant factor when choosing cannabis. You will need to analyze flowers for their density, trim, structure, production and quality. You can do this by clicking here to Buy Weed Online Here  In addition, you will analyze concentrates and hash for their color, clarity and overall appeal.


Creativity is articulated by infusing cannabis in exciting, novel and inventive ways. Edible and ingestible products present an exceptional opportunity to use cannabis creatively as an ingredient in a bigger combination of components


Concentrates and hash can appear in a variety of consistencies and types. You will evaluate the ease of use, form and if the product makeup meets or exceeds general customer expectations for any given product type or texture (crumble, oil, etc.)


Flavor without a doubt could be the best factor of the cannabis experience.  An amazing-tasting hash, flower, or products can often overshadow any limitations in other categories. All cannabis products are rated for the appeal and complexity of their flavor. With regards to inhaled products like hash and flower, the flavor is examined in both vaporized and smoked forms.


Effects are without a doubt the most subjective part of judging cannabis products. To ensure that this is a repeatable practice that can be applied across the various cannabis products, you will analyze the duration and onset of the effects in addition to the overall comfort of the user’s experience.


It is always enjoyable to share cannabis with others, judging is no different. Even if it is good to make these observation based on the criteria by yourself, it is good to cross-check your findings with a close confidant. Finally, it is important to revisit a sample after your initial review in the event you might have missed something. It will ensure you are an effective judge at List of Cannabis Competitions