Magic Mushrooms: How to Buy Online, Locally and Abroad

On most occasions, buying a product online or through the internet can be awful. The trickiest bit of it is that you deal with sellers who could be all strange to you. You can’t trust all of them, and similarly, some of them won’t be willing to engage with you in such businesses due to the obvious reasons, the key being that some of them involve very delicate payment modes. Magic mushrooms can be bought online, but here are some of the tips you need to have when you choose to engage in such a business organic mushrooms

  1. Look for Retailers Who Can Ship them to You 

Some retailers can readily and willingly bring the items at your disposal. Some even have online shops situated in various countries or cities to broaden their shipping reachability. Magic mushrooms are, however, delicate and highly perishable. Therefore, you must be sure that the retailer you are dealing with offers the shipping services with total assurance that they will arrive safe and sound. 

  1. If Buying From Abroad, Have a Friend Shop to Deal with Regularly 

You could be having a problem with your payment mode or credit card, yet, you urgently need the shrooms. If you have a friend in the foreign country of purchase, you can always make arrangements on how the goods shall be delivered and the payment mode to be used in paying for the items. If you do not have s friend in the country, here comes another lucrative option: 

  1. Use of Traveler – Matching Methods 

Some shipping companies have become so creative and innovative that they use travelers to deliver goods to shoppers from all over the globe, just at a small fee. After purchase, your mushrooms can be delivered to you through such people. It is simple; you need to create an active account with them, containing your name, email address and telephone number. The shipping company will share these details with the travelers to deliver these goods to you, right at your door-step. 

  1. Create a Unique Shipping Address for the Particular Country  

Countries like the United States offer addresses to shoppers to help track their goods from the time of dispatch to the time of delivery. It begins by you coming up with an account on the shipping company’s portal or website. You will be served with a US address to which your shrooms will be delivered. You can then pay delivery charges, depending on how fast you need the goods to reach you. 

  1. In Case of Geo-Restrictions, Access your Retailers Abroad Using Proxies 

Some sellers of the psilocybin product have restricted their online markets so that you cannot shop when not within their respective countries or cities. However, there is a secret way to overcome this. You can use proxies and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to acquire the goods as if you are residing within the country. You will have all the provisions and structures to efficiently make your payments and have your mushrooms delivered at your convenience. 


There is absolutely no apparent reason to stop acquiring these vital medicinal products just because they are not locally available. You can quickly get them online through platforms like VPN or any other method highlighted above, within a short time and at very affordable prices.